Microsoft On Metal Gear: Mission Accomplished

Microsoft On Metal Gear: Mission Accomplished

So far this hardware generation, we’ve seen the number of third-party exclusives on any platform shrink to almost zero. The last major series to come around? Metal Gear Solid.

Having long made a name for itself on Sony consoles, the next Metal Gear Solid title – Rising – will also be appearing on the Xbox 360, a move which Microsoft says levels the proverbial playing field. Microsoft VP Shane Kim:

I still think exclusive content is really important. First of all, in games, we’ve said for a long time that a key part of our strategy with Xbox 360 was a level third-party playing field. Now we’ve effectively done that with Metal Gear Solid coming to the Xbox 360.

The economics are such that third parties also have to support multiple platforms, and you can’t ignore Xbox 360. It’s the second leading platform.

Interesting that he so openly states that the 360 is in second place. But not as interesting as the fact that, some days, it feels like the entire world has forgotten about the Xbox version of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Microsoft’s Future Begins Now: Shane Kim Speaks [Gamasutra]


  • I’m hating all this talk of “MGS” now comes to the 360. I’m sorry but it’s just complete bullshit, an entirely new team is handling rising. Kojima is only producing, his heart is obviously not in it and konami just wants some more metal gear mulla. The problem is that taking away Kojima from the equation, in terms of meaningful storytelling, it’s going to be crap, might be a fun game dont get me wrong. It just doesn’t compare to the metal gear saga. 360 is NOT getting a multilayered, meaningful instalment of the mgs franchise. That’s going to PSP now.

    It’s obviously going to be tremendously different, and what HAS made the series great (the entire timeline has pretty much been missed out on with the 360) is probably not going to be in it, I don’t see how there will be interesting social/political ideas in a raiden action piece.

    MGS4 is a true mgs experience, Peace Walker is a true mgs experience, and that’s no where near being put on the 360, and prolly never will.

    clinically u might say it’s coming, as in, there’s a game with metal gear solid in the title, but come on, no one is kidding anybody. Even Hideo got up at E3 and said that peace walker is a true sequel.

    • I agree that people are making too big a deal out of Rising and Hideo is involved little if at all but.. since when is he known for meaningful storytelling? I wouldn’t call his stories meaningfull…

      Try confusing, over the top, over hyped, nonsensical and at times, just flat out silly. You can argue that all this adds up to “memorable” but thats about it.

      They’re like soapie with guns… and giant robots. Only even more ridiculous that that last sentence makes it out to be.

      Yahtzee sums up Hideo’s writing well in the MGS4 zero punctuation review. You should look it up 🙂

  • @ paul down, good point, what microsoft is getting is what Wii owners are well used to – a side project milking the franchise (Dead Space, RE: UC, Soul Calibur, etc)
    PS well done microsoft for throwing serious cash out for Jap support, i wish ninty did that, i want more JRPGs.

  • If its not a true MGS game then why are you bitching???

    People are only saying that MGS is coming to 360
    because you cant refer to it as anything else.

    Now lets got back a month when Kojima’s teaser site was up, if I said to you then “Hey Radien is coming to 360” you would have replyed with “WTF are you talking about”.

    Its just a reference.

  • As a 360 owner i have to say that i couldn’t care less about any of the Metal Gear games, from a non technical point of view i think it’s one of the worst games franchises that i’ve ever played or should i say watched if the last version is anything to go by.
    I’ll admit that stealth type games are not really my thing but there have been some exceptions like the odd Splinter Cell game and some of the thief series on PC that i have enjoyed playing.
    Just out of curiosity, if someone who is a fan could explain to me what they think is so great about the series i’d be interested to know just to put my mind at rest because i really don’t get it.

    • As a fan of the Metal Gear games I am responding solely to your question.

      Firstly as you said you aren’t really a fan of stealth gameplay, which will be the big killer for you. Personally I happen to really enjoy this form of stealth gaming. I also actually enjoy the story telling of MGS (even the ending of MGS4 which tried to brain rape me).

      However it is much more than just this which makes MGS great to me. It is a combination of lots of little details which other games seam to lack. Little easter eggs to find, and inside jokes hidden through out. On top of that is a huge amount of choice as to how you play the game, ranging from run and gun through to pure stealth. Multiple options for dealing with a situation (do I sneak past this guard post or do I create a diversion to draw them away or do I use this fixed mortar to clear them out).

      Also as the series has progressed I feel that the games have actually evolved to include new elements and gameplay options.

      I could go on, but simply put, this is one of only a few games which I actually enjoy playing through for a second or third or fourth time.

      However I do not believe that this is a series for everyone. If you don’t enjoy it, so be it. Each to their own.

  • “But not as interesting as the fact that, some days, it feels like the entire world has forgotten about the Xbox version of Metal Gear Solid 2.”

    Or the Remake of MGS1 that was on gamecube… or the PC versions of both MGS1 and 2… or the fact that the first 2 Metal Gears werent on a Sony platform.

    @Paul Down – What a pile of melodramatic twaddle.

  • Hey assholes,

    I think Paul makes some valid and totally logical points. He is just passionate about the issue.

    MGS story telling may confuse you and you may hate the fact that the game offers a different experience to Call of Duty: Foreign Culture Destruction Warfare 2, but there are some great themes and concepts expressed in these games.

    Don’t hate, people.

    *Spoken by an appreciator of MGS, brought you by the NSW Government, Sydney.

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