Microsoft Respond To "New Xbox" Rumors

Over the weekend, 1UP ran a rumour that a new Xbox console would be launching next year, to coincide with the release of Microsoft's Project Natal motion-sensing camera. Today, Microsoft responds.

Xbox director of product management Aaron Greenberg has told Eurogamer "I think part of the excitement about this announcement is that in many ways we are delivering a next generation experience this generation. With that said, I can confirm that Natal will run on Xbox 360 so no new console investment will be necessary."

Seems to pour cold water on the suggestion that it would be an all-new console. But you know what? With these PR statements, the devil is in the detail.

On Friday we toned down the speculation a dial, and figured that were a new console to launch next year alongside the camera, it would simply be a rebranded, repackaged Xbox 360. A 360 slim, if you will. Greenberg's vague statement leaves that possibility wide open.

Microsoft sources play down reports of new Xbox in 2010 [Eurogamer]


    Either way the Natal is going to work on ALL Xbox 360's - launch 360's, Elites, Arcades, 60GB Pro's or new ones coming out next year.

    I reckon a new Xbox 360 (eg: a slim for example) PLUS the Natal at the same time is one MASSIVE step. Natal first, then something like a slim after.

    However, i believe if they were to bring a slim. It MUST include Wi-Fi, more capacity, different Power Cord without the block among other things. Then they get rid of the Elite and make a slim type new 360 (black & white) the top of the range. But continue to sell the current Pro & Arcade.

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