Microsoft Starting E3 Presser Five Minutes Early!

Later today, Microsoft is kicking off its E3 press conference at 10:30am PDT (3:30AM Tuesday AEST). No, make that 10:25am. The reason: "A special surprise."

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley tweets, "Xbox just moved up its briefing start to 10:25 am tomorrow due to a very special last-minute surprise." Starting five minutes early, huh.

We're thinking that could mean one of two things:

1. Starting five minutes early means there will be a last minute new game announcement or a new trailer.

2. Staring five minutes early means the press conference will actually start on time — 10:30am.

Whichever! We'll be there. With bells on.

Geoff Keighley [Twitter]


    Oh tomorrow is going to be interesting.

    Online play for Xbox Live Silver members? Need to upgrade to Gold for things like Voice, Netflix etc. (Even though we don't get that in Aus!)

    Think perhaps the prediction of someone on here that the MGS producer may make an appearance could be onto something.

    Perhaps a Rockstar session on the Gay Tony DLC?

    Enough mindless speculation, going to bed so I will find out sooner

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