Microsoft: There Will Be "No New Console"

Today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indicated that the company would be releasing a new Xbox 360 in 2010, one featuring a built-in camera. That seemingly confirmed a new hardware configuration with the company's Project Natal built-in. Microsoft's official word?

While Ballmer's casual mention of a new Xbox 360 hardware iteration at the Executive's Club of Chicago seemingly confirms a rumour originating from 1UP, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg told us "There will be no new console."

"We're not going to be launching a new console any time soon," Greenberg said during a phone call today. "I really believe he was speaking about Project Natal."

"We want to make sure people know that we're excited about Project Natal," Greenberg noted, "But we're barely halfway through this generation. We're happy with the Xbox 360, so there are no changes from that standpoint. For the time being, we're really just showing a whole new category of gaming."

Asked if Microsoft was at least considering putting the hands-free motion controller technology into a new Xbox 360 configuration, Greenberg said "Yes, we have looked at that, but we haven't announced any details for something like that."

Nor has the company announced a ship date or final name for the motion-sensing camera tech it debuted at E3 2009, Greenberg added.

"We are saying that the Natal will run on the Xbox 360, so there's no new hardware to purchase," Greenberg said, reiterating the company's position on its current generation platform. "What we're doing that's unique is, instead of asking you to invest in a new generation of hardware, a generation that's already well established, extending the experience even longer by adding this whole new category of experiences with Project Natal."

"We're changing the rules a little bit just like we did with the New Xbox Experience," he said.

We've requested a transcript of Mr. Ballmer's speech from Executive's Club of Chicago and will follow up when and if it becomes available.


    Good... with the current economy, what the world needs right now is no new console until at least 2015:)

    Maybe Natal will extend the life of the 360 and had a new dimension to gameplay but the 360 will start to show its age within the next few years.

    I would really like to see a new console in 2011/12

    “What we’re doing that’s unique is, instead of asking you to invest in a new generation of hardware, a generation that’s already well established, extending the experience even longer by adding this whole new category of experiences with Project Natal.”

    Because nobody has ever added hardware to a console half way through its life cycle before >_>

    Its cool how MS is going the Nintendo route (identical TV ads, identical gaming experiences, similar technology,) without sacrificing the core gamer userbase (i.e. the ones that periodically spend money on video games).

    Project Natal will be a huge seller.

    Just imagine the day MS unveils Natal to the masses on prime time TV,... they will copy Nintendo's approach to making things accessible. You've got the skinny woman who wants to keep fit, or the boy playing cricket with his dad,... its bound to jive with the public because it is such an incredibly different gaming experience, just ilke the Wii was. This will be massive. Not as big as the Nintendo Wii, but a worthy competitor. And contrary to what Kaz Hirai said about how the PS3 will have its competition beat by the end of the generation, he will eat his words.

    I just came from an "event" that Msoft was attending in Sydney. I asked them too about the prospects of a new Xbox in the near future, and he overwhelmingly denied it was coming, or that there were any plans. I honestly dont think that MS will change the format in the next 5 yrs or so, maybe a new version or something, but thats about it.


    2 words...




    Not me that's for sure, motion technology in games = epic fail unless you're a housewife or 7 years old.

    So, it's an upgrade for your console? Sounds like a good plan to me. Make the 'Natal' 360 compatible with normal 360 consoles and you'll be onto something. Some fans will pay the money for a new system with the Natal hardware, or maybe MS are going to release it as an attachment to your existing 360. Both would be solid plans.

    Ahh no.. this just proves that Ballmer kinda effed up a little and spilled a little too much info and they are trying to clean it up.

    Why do you think MS and other companies never announce or confirm when a new motherboard is released? Beacuse people will thinking, OH -an announcement, i'll wait til that comes out and get a newer model.

    Hardcore gamers obviously do this with or without an announcement because we aren't dumb. But others don't come on gaming sites to realize.

    We don't know if there is going to be a console with Natal in-built but why would someone so hight up at MS confirm something similar and another deny it. Surely Ballmer knows whats going out, he isn't left out.

    They are just waiting to find a release. Get some games developed then announce it and a date. Why announce now without a date, some may hold off and it can affect sales of the current 360 model.

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