Miyamoto: True Interactivity Is Holding A Motion Controller With Force Feedback

Miyamoto: True Interactivity Is Holding A Motion Controller With Force Feedback

The Nintendo Wii uses a controller dubbed “the Wii Remote”. Microsoft’s Project Natal uses a controller called “the human body”. What does Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto think?

I don’t think I could create an experience that truly feels interactive if you don’t have something to hold in your hand, if you don’t have something like force feedback that you can feel from the controller.

Oh. So we need controllers for people to play? If the goal is immersion, isn’t simple gesturing more intuitive than holding a plastic remote and pretending its something else?

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto on Mario, Zelda, Project Natal and More [Game|Life via Infendo]


  • Fuck Natal. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, motion controls are an excuse for developers to make lazy party games. Name me one game thats truely taken advantage of motion control to its benefit…All I can think of is Metroid Prime Corruption but even still that game would have been just as fantastic on a Gamecube Controller.

  • Immersion and interactivity are two totally different concepts, Project natal is immersion and the Wii controller is interactivity, simple.

    • He is right with regards to needing force feedback though.
      I don’t think I could feel immersed playing a tennis game and not feeling the racket hit the ball.

      Natal suits itself quite well to casual games and interesting user interfaces but without any device to input specific commands when you want it it’ll never work for any kind of in depth gaming experience.

  • If you were swinging an object of some kind in-game I’d think that it would feel more realistic if you were holding something in your hand than say, nothing.

    • Well with Natal you can hold things and it wont affect it but with the Wii you have a tiny little remote with plastic addons. You could hold a real object but it would be wierd holding it and the wiimote.

  • As has probably been said before, in the battle of motion controllers each company has gone for a different approach. the Wii is all about the controller and how you move it, Natal is about your whole body and your entire movements, but then Sony’s approach is more like a compromise of the two, trying to get the best of both worlds. You use controllers but their position in 3D space is also important.

    I really loved the idea of the Wii-mote when it first came out, but what I really wanted it to be like is what Sony have created. I want to be able to hold something in my hand and have every movement traced and perfectly re-created on the screen.

    I prefer hardcore games over casual games, and Natal just isn’t going to bring the accuracy to satisfy and hardcore gamers. But I guess that isn’t their target audience.

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