Modern Warfare 2 Co-op Sweet Spot Is Exactly Two

Infinity Ward is sticking with good ol' two-player cooperative action for its follow up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, saying that attempts to expand upon the time tested buddy system resulted in the experience "becoming a clusterf**k."

The developer's director of communications Robert Bowling tells Videogamer that Modern Warfare 2's co-op missions, dubbed "Special Forces," will be strictly limited to two players, despite a four-player precedent set by Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War.

"Two player seemed to be the magic number for co-op," Bowling said about Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter. "That's when it stayed really fun and intense without becoming a clusterf**k of things."

Surely, that's not subtle trash talk directed at the Modern Warfare developer's label mates and competition, anyone who has decided that three or four-player cooperative action is clusterfuck-free.

We'll know for sure just how sweet the "two's company" co-op rule is for the game when Modern Warfare 2 ships in November.

Infinity Ward: Two-player the 'magic number' for co-op [Videogamer]


    In what way is a "cluster***k" not fun? Trying to get the Flea Flicker Challenge with friendly fire on and 3 teammates was both a "cluster***k" and some of the best fun I've had.

    what a joke. 4 player halo 3 was awesome. its just a matter of how the devs handle it.

    either way. 2 player is fine by me too.

    Well at least they got an extra player. Maybe a player at a time.
    Or maybe they just can't handle pressure from gamers or dev it properly to add 4 - maybe they were jealous of Treyarch adding it to 4co-op and thought doing so will look like they're copying.

    IW have there head up their asses thinking they're the best! They really gotta stop trash talking.

    What they should do is, 2 or 4 co-op online multiplayer like Halo 3. That way more than one can play on a freaking console, ONLINE!

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