Molyneux’s Milo Brings A Virtual Child To The Xbox 360


One of the most stunning moments of the Xbox 360 press conference this morning, was the introduction of Peter Molyneux’s Milo.

Milo appears to be a complex artificial intelligence that you can interact with through the Xbox 360 using it’s recently announced Project Natal motion controller.

Molyneux says Milo can recognise your face, emotions and will interact with you on a very deep level. Of course the demonstration shown off was all taped weeks earlier back at his studio, so we really don’t know just how well this AI child works.


  • All I can say is WOW. I can see this being an entirely new genre of gaming, imaging a complex RPG (I am still playing Fallout3) of this nature. This is CRAZY cool if this can be pulled off. Bring it on!

  • I would get excited, but Molyneux exagerates his games’ AI every time. I’m not going to believe it’s anything more than a scripted scene until I see it demonstrated live by a third party.

  • Yeah that is very scripted. I dont know of any voice synthesis technology that can do anything like that, so id say its all pre-recorded scripts, probably waiting for voice triggers from the user.

    Interesting first steps though.

  • puh-lease…..

    the technology just isnt there to deliver this kind of experience yet. This is nothing more than another scripted CGI tech demo. Can anyone imagine how many millions of hours of random speech patterns would have to be recorded and generated on the fly for a game like this to actually exist?!?

    Nice try Molyneux….I’ll expect this to turn into nothing more than another over-hyped unfinished game…(if it turns into anything at all that is)

  • The technology isn’t here to do this sort of thing? This reminds me a lot of the game Seaman for Dreamcast that I was playing back in 2001. He’s waiting to hear keywords and then playing the proper responses. It’s exactly what Seaman did, except now there’s a camera instead of only a microphone.

    Since N.U.D.E. never came out here, I’d love to have this game. I’d rather have a little girl than a little boy though. Milo’s voice just sounds…off.

  • I gotta agree with Dan here, its exactly what I was about to say.
    This tech HAS been around for ages actually, and YES there is plenty of software that does this sort of thing.
    This is just the first time ingenuity and tech have made it possible.
    This is just the logical step for games to take, and regardless of if it is scripted can you imagine being able to interact with players like this in RPGs as mentioned?
    The possibilities even IF limited as such are still limitless and the intent, the idea of a simulated person is one more step closer.

    AI is smoke and mirrors, when will you people learn? True AI doesnt exist, not yet, hopefully never. What devs are striving for realistically is just this sort of thing, as accurate a representation as is possible.

  • btw for those of you who dont know what Seaman is:

    Seaman would remember things about you, get into deep convos with you and berate you if you didnt show up for a while.
    If you left for an extended period prepare to come back to a dead tank.
    They would evolve over time, and you could have a family of them.

    Before this there was text AI too, games where you could communicate with AI that would learn more about you and go into deeper convo strings as you spent more time with it. Even ones that grow their vocabs.

    There are MSN games like this you can add as friends.. although they are very ad based and macro’ish now.

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