Monday Musings: How’d My E3 Predictions Go?

Last Monday I gave you my predictions for E3 2009. Now that the show is done and dusted, let’s see how I did.

For me this was a good E3, certainly better than last year. The press conferences from all three console makers were much better, bringing more news, cooler technology and more forward-looking game announcements. Across the board, publishers brought new games in much greater quantities. And, of course, the sheer size of the event spread throughout both major halls of the LA convention centre lent a degree of buzz and excitement mostly absent from the meeting room-only presence of last year.

My predictions were made with much of all the above in mind. I figured there’d be more news this year – and I was right. But just how right was I?

1. Hideo Kojima will appear on stage at the Microsoft press conference.
Right. Kojima-san made a stealthy appearance to announce a new Metal Gear game for Xbox 360. However, it wasn’t the MGS4 port many expected.

2. But his new game will also be announced for PS3.
Right. Nor was it a title exclusive to Microsoft’s console. Metal Gear Rising is coming to PS3 and PC too.

3. Sony will not reveal a slim PS3, nor announce a PS3 price drop.
Right. It may have made Bobby Kotick mad, but Sony had nothing to say about price cutting its console.

4. But they will showcase a re-designed, UMD-less PSP.
Right. PSP-Go is, er… go.

5. Nintendo goes MotionPlus mad unveiling a host of new first and third-party games supporting the accessory.
Wrong. Although MotionPlus occupied considerable time during Nintendo’s press conference, none of the clutch of showcased titles were actually new. Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel 2, Grand Slam Tennis, Tiger Woods and Virtua Tennis were all very familiar.

6. Shigeru Miyamoto will dust off his Link outfit to show off a Wii Zelda title.
Wrong. Yes, he may have confirmed a Wii Zelda is coming and, yes, he may have revealed one piece of concept art… but there was no Link outfit and there was no showing off to be had.

7. He also demonstrates Pilotwings for Wii, another MotionPlus-only game.
Wrong. The parachute intro from Wii Sports Resort doesn’t count.

8. Microsoft announces a raft of social networking features for Xbox Live.
Right. Hello Facebook and Twitter!

9. A Halo MMO is teased, but no gameplay is shown nor genuine details given.
Dunno. What is Halo: Reach exactly?

10. Activision offers Xbox 360 gamers the exclusive Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta.
Wrong. Instead they said the Xbox 360 would get some timed-exclusive maps.

11. Gran Turismo 5 is given a 2009 release date – at least for Japan and North America.
Wrong. GT5 for PS3 was certainly shown, but an ’09 release didn’t materialise. GT PSP doesn’t count.

12. Both Sony and Microsoft will tie up at least one third-party title as a timed exclusive.
Right. Rockstar’s Agent and Final Fantasy XIV Online for Sony; Splinter Cell: Conviction and Left 4 Dead 2 for Microsoft.

13. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is renamed simply Half-Life 3 and sweeps the Game of Show awards.
Wrong. Half-Life 3 was a total no-show. Damn you, Valve!

All up, with six correct and six incorrect predictions, plus one that remains a little up in the air, I’m reasonably pleased with my performance. Especially since several in the wrong category were actually pretty close to the mark.

How’d you go with your own predictions for the show?


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