More Duke Nukem Forever Footage, If You Want It

Still morbidly curious about the bloody twelve-year-long pileup that was Duke Nukem Forever? Then the Jace Hall Show has you covered with new gameplay footage of the indefinitely on-hold 3D Realms game.

If screen shots, artwork, rough video and legal shenanigans weren't enough to satisfy you, perhaps off-screen footage—no direct feed here—of the unbelievably delayed game will do the trick. It shows that Duke Nukem Forever was more than likely a technically capable first-person shooter, full of things to shoot at, guns to fire and an ego-boosting mechanic that we'd love to hear more about.

Unfortunately, this video is hosted at Sony Pictures' Crackle, so it may not be available to view in the country of your choice. And the Duke Nukem Footage starts about halfway in, so you will have to suffer through some extra material. The audio is also NSFW, but probably hilarious if you're close personal friends with Jason Hall.

The Jace Hall Show Season 2, Season Finale!! Duke Nukem: Forever and Star Trek Reuinion. [The Jace Hall Show via Shacknews]


    Looks like the video's already been posted on Youtube.... well i think this is it anyway.

      I think that's an old clip, this is the vid in question:

        Well that was stuff I hadn't seen, though I don't bother searching for it. Pretty indeed, thanks for the link ;)

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