More Erotic Game Websites Block Foreign Access

The big erotic game trend these days? Block foreign access of your website. Why? Because foreigners have been making a big deal about ero games.

Joining the likes of PC developer Minori, Yuzusoft's website sends up a standard 403 forbidden to those trying to access the page outside of Japan. And while the VisualArts Visual Antena website cannot be accessed by foreign IPs, the site does carry this amusing message: "PLEASE PLAY THE GAME OF YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU PRAY FOR THE WORLD PEACE!:-)」"

This is less xenophobia, more we-are-scared-of-pissing-people-off. It's just that a lot of those pissed off people live outside Japan. These recent defensive measures from erotic game makers come in the wake of the Rapelay controversy and subsequent rape game banning. Other measures include changing the titles of upcoming releases.

VisualAntena! and Yuzu_Soft [Official Sites via Canned Dogs]


    *sigh*, this is just ****ing fantastic for us Visual Novel and Ero fans eh?

    I found it pretty odd that Minori, of all groups, would do such a thing. I don't know about the content of these other two, but the ef series, at least, isn't exactly likely to come under fire for being violent and degrading.

      Well I think they're worried about blanket contempt from western society.

      It's not like a group of 'protect X' activists is gonna care about collateral damage.

    I guess you perverts will have to get your fix elsewhere. Hahaha.

    at least theres always jlist

    Check out the X-Forwarded-For spoofer addon for Firefox (not compatible with 3.5 yet unfortunately) : - Just install it, put a Japanese IP address into the addon and it *should* let you get around the blocks. In theory anyway....

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