More Proof That Anything + TF2 Soundfile = Comedy Gold

About 30 seconds in you see the clip that probably inspired this 5 minute masterpiece: "I must stop little baby!"

Readers soccerboy33 and Hugo M. tipped this collection of nut-shots, bike crashes, failed stunts and America's Funniest Home Videos runners-up, which of course are infinitely funnier when set to an antic soundtrack and narrated by Heavy. Much of this is very clever, but then that's Team Fortress - Helping You Help It Be More Hilarious.

World of Crashes - TF2 Style (Meet the Crashes) [YouTube, thanks Soccerboy33 and Hugo M.]


    Oh man I'm crying with laughter. Bravo!

    ooooooh noooooo!!!

    thanks, i spat coffee at my monitor.

    That was gold! I've not laughed that hard for a while. ^^

    i can't stop laughing

    I'm not even winded!

    People hurting themselves on funniest home video?
    Not funny.
    People hurting themselves to TF2 audio?
    F*****g hilarious!

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