Muramasa: The Demon Blade Goes Subtitles Only In America

When Muramasa: The Demon Blade ships for the Wii later this year, it won't come with the option for English language spoken dialogue. The Japanese language track will remain, with English language subtitles your only option.

So says Ignition Entertainment's Shane Bettenhausen, who tells Siliconera that the Vanillaware-developed and Ignition-published Wii game is so "deeply steeped in Japanese tradition, mythology, and culture that trying to dub it, trying to make something more Western is really not a service to the product." And we think that makes a lot of sense.

Plus, we'll just get into the experience faster, saving us precious seconds that would normally be reserved turning off Muramasa's English language dub.

For our hands-on impressions of the Wii game from E3, check out Totilo's preview.

Ignition Discusses Muramasa: The Demon Blade's localisation (Only Japanese Voice Acting!) [Siliconera]


    I actually found the english voices for Odin Sphere better than the Japanese, the Jap voices sounded too similar.
    But of course Weeaboos would diagree with me.

    Dosn't worry me, I'll still buy it, but I'll be waiting for it in PAL, possibly forever.

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