NBA 2K10 Collector's Edition Needs Shaq To Carry The Load

Look, we're fans of a game's limited edition provided it offers genuine value to the discerning customer, and can actually be carried out the door of a game store. So the jury's still out on NBA 2K10.

In terms of value, we're on the fence. $US99 is a lot to pay, but then, you're getting a lot of stuff, including a Shepard Fairey poster of Kobe, a Kobe action figure and a freakin' metal locker that holds 20 game covers.

In terms of portability, though... it's a little ridiculous. For the box to include that locker, the figure and the poster, we're talking a crate as big as a Guitar Hero/Rock Band bundle. Only, for an annual sports title. Wonder how that'll fly with retailers.

Note: the image and info above come courtesy of IGN's Team Xbox, not publishers 2K themselves, so until announced officially consider this one over-sized, expensive rumour.

NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition Discovered [Team Xbox]

NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition Discovered [Team Xbox]


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