NBA Live 10 Cover Has A Magical Center

EA couldn't wait until the finals were over to name the NBA Live 10 cover athlete, naming Orlando Magic centre Dwight Howard as their poster boy.

Dwight has been having a pretty good year, what with Orlando currently battling the Lakers in the NBA finals and winning the 2009 NBA Defensive Player of the Year award. He was also the starting centre for the U.S. Men's Senior National Basketball Team at the 2008 Olympics, bringing back the gold after 2004's humiliating bronze. Here's Howard's obligatory honour statement:

"It's an honour to be named as the cover athlete for NBA LIVE 10," said Howard. "This year has been a crazy ride and this is a cool way to cap it off. Of course - there is one more thing I'm on the hunt for that would complete it."

With the Lakers leading 2-1 over the Magic, he might just have to settle for the box art.


    Humiliating bronze? Hahaha
    American's think they're best at everything.

    This is why they don't play sports like Australian Football, Rugby or Cricket. Because those sports require skill & knowledge. Not Muscle and thrill to charge and tackle or run 10 metres and shoot a ball into a hoop.

    Oh and they use Miles & have no health care system.

    Xenophobic much? Of course they have the right to be humiliated by a bronze, because they ARE the best at basketball. They have the best league, the best players, and who else in the world isn't expecting them to dominate at every single international tournament?
    Oh and please tell me how rugby needs any more 'skill and knowledge' than American Football.

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