New Aliens Vs. Predator Screens Feature Aliens, Predators

Sega's first game to cash in on the Aliens licence is Aliens Vs. Predator, which, if I can count correctly, is the ninth video game* to chronicle the epic battle between Aliens and Predators. It's definitely the prettiest.

It was one of the games at E3 2009 that I didn't get to play, unfortunately, but it almost managed to suck me in and make me late for an Xbox 360-related appointment. Cutting through Sega's booth at the LA Convention centre, I took a few moments to admire the Rebellion-developed take on Aliens Vs. Predator. On the bright side, some of my Kotaku comrades did go hands-on with the game recently.

Until they catch up to writing those impressions, we'll have to satisfy our AvP hunger with new screens, packed with both Aliens and Predators, with a guest appearance by human beings.

* I'm not counting the handful of Aliens Vs. Predator mobile phone games. Because who counts those, anyway?


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