New Fallout 3 DLC Street Date Broken

Now, we usually hate posting when street dates are broken, because, you know, they usually get broken. Heck, so many get broken that someone really should register Now, downloadable content, this is new.

At time of posting, GameStop is already selling a retail packaged version new Fallout 3 DLC, Point Lookout. This downloadable content is not due to hit Xbox LIVE until next Tuesday. The retail codes that GameStop are selling right now work, so people are buying this and people are playing it.

And since codes work early, expect this to happen more and more and more.

Usually Ships In 24 Hours [GameStop Thanks, SmllTwnTheory!]


    brokenstreetdate dot com _is_ already registered :P

    Ive got 1700 pts spare earmarked for this and Zeta... cmon next week!!!!!

    So they're relying on retailers playing nice rather than timelocking the downloads?


    Mothership Zeta is a fuckin disgrace. What does getting abducted have to do with Fallout? The aliens in the last games were ONLY special they're main plot points? Fuck off...

      Have you any idea what 50's Sci-Fi is about? The Atomic Bomb and Aliens.

      I had a list of 50s Sci-Fi Movies and 90% of them were about/contained Aliens.

      So Aliens have alot to do with Fallout because its part of the 50s Sci-Fi Mythos...

      And its not a main plot point, its an extra DLC Pack that you dont have to buy or play.

        Thank you CloneTrooper, obviously he hasnt seen many movies of the 50's and 60's they are all about Aleins and the Atomic Bomb that or the end of mankind. Granted he is either 13 or uneducated either way Mothership Zeta will be a great addon same with Point Lookout, Im a huge Fallout 3 fan and all I can say is Bethesda please keep releasing DLC until Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4. I cant wait to keep buying everything you produce for this game. I have absolutely fallen in love with your games and your company!!!

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