New IPhone Will Include 3D Graphics Chip, Hits July

New IPhone Will Include 3D Graphics Chip, Hits July

Next week at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference the company will be unveiling its new iPhone, a device that will sport a built-in 3D graphics chip, operate on a new, higher-speed network and hit mid-July, sources tell Kotaku.

Our sources told us that the new iPhone will also tout much more robust Bluetooth support, an upgrade that will allow third-party developers to to release add-on products like a keyboard or game controller.

Both the new iPhone and the new firmware for the current iPhone will roll-out stateside on July 17, sources tell us.

This rumour comes as word hits that Apple is also starting to hire in-house game developers.

The inclusion of the 3D graphics chip and hiring of developers are, in many ways, Apple’s acknowledgment of the growing importance of gaming to the platform. Another thing the developer is considering to help bolster gaming on the iPhone include the possibility of a new store dedicated solely to gaming. The company will also be watching with great interest the roll-out of in-game microtransactions with the latest firmware.

We were unable to confirm any of this beyond our sources, so take this with a grain of salt and keep your fingers crossed for the big announcement hitting this coming Monday. We’ve contacted Apple for clarification on the matter.


  • How bout MMS and Video capturing. They could really upgrade their camera and give Video support and do it very well. Heck, they are giving cameras, mp3, handheld consoles a run for their money, why not video cameras too?

  • I’m still not convinced that iphone is a “gaming” platform by any means. 3d chip or not, it’s still just touch screen, which stands in the way of any meaningful gaming experiences. Even the DS isn’t as effective with majority of it’s touchscreen titles.

  • I think this is one of the key reasons why I still think that iPhone wont stick as a platform for gaming (at least beyond the Peggles of this world). With refreshes every year which include major hardware changes three no real set “iPhone platform”.

    Consoles partially owe their success to the fact that you have the one unified platform to develope software for over a generally pre-determined and lengthy life span. What happens when a game comes around that is only “iPhone Gen 3 compatible”? Suddenly you’ve got a huge number of users left out in the cold and the developers over all software sales just arent going to be as high as they could have been if you had a set platform with a 5 year life span.

    • Good point. But it has its advantages & disadvantages.

      By now – any person with a brain should show that this is what Apple are known for. Refreshing & upgrading their products (and their prices a lot of the time too).

      They change their iPods every year. Either the design (Nano, shuffle) or the capacity, the Classic. They change their MacBooks & MacBook Pros with better GHz, RAM etc… and not all the time but jsut recently changed all their laptops & screens to look like the current iMac.

      Apple though, aren’t promoting the iPhone or iPod Touch as gaming devices. They are promoting them more as an entertainment device. Mp3 Player, Internet, Games, Apps, Phone, Photo Albums, Movies.

      Your opinion makes total sense for the gaming industry because people will get frustrated upgrading. But since the iPhone will never be JUST a handheld game console – so I don’t think the upgrades they do make will affect it dramatically that you NEED to purchase a new one in order to play better games.

      Besides, the iPhone isn’t yet a device that people are buying JUST to play games.

  • This new, higher speed network. If it existed, wouldn’t every new handset have access to it? Haven’t heard anything about a new mobile network in Aus.

    Don’t really care about the 3D chip, would prefer a better camera, but I got mine on a 24 month plan so I can wait

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