New New Super Mario Bros. Wii Screens

Nintendo has not one, but two major Mario games planned for a Wii release, as Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be preceded by New Super Mario Bros. Wii later this year.

The Wii follow-up to New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS will feature four-player co-op play, with Mario, Luigi and two Toads all playable on the same screen. Wii owners will also get access to Yoshis they can ride, with tongues that do things you'd expect from a Yoshi.

Mario gets two new suits in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a Propeller Suit and Penguin Suit. Actually, maybe it's more than a suit, as Nintendo calls him Penguin Mario, presumably an alteration that will help the portly Italian deal with those pesky ice levels.

Crecente and Totilo are pounding Shigeru Miyamoto with interview questions, and we'll definitely play New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the E3 showfloor. But for now, enjoy new screens of the Wii platformer on the link.



    Wow. TWO new Mario games... amazing!

    Oh crap i think i just died of shock
    then came back alive!!!

    Two Toads as P3 and P4!?
    Where's Wario and Waluigi?
    Or Yoshi and Toad?

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