New Tekken 6 Campaign Mode Spawns E3 Screen Shot Of Show

Namco Bandai announced that Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 would one-up its arcade counterpart with the "Scenario Campaign" mode, a single and two player online co-op campaign that makes for great screen shots.

You might be able to kick giant pandas in the face or battle women made of wood in the game's arcade mode, but to see triple the Roger in repose and the ladies of Tekken 6 on screen at the same time, you're gonna have to take it to Scenario Campaign mode.

According to official word, that mode features a "unique hybrid control system combining conventional fighting game controls with free movement," a sometimes awkward proposition in previous Tekken console ports. But there's also the fact that "players have an arsenal of staffs, machine guns, flame throwers, and even giant robots at their disposal" in Scenario Campaign.

You'll also be able to acquire items for customising your character, a fact almost as exciting as even more Tekken 6 screen shots.


    Someone didn't play Tekken Force mode back in the day.

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