New Xbox To Launch In 2010?

Last week, Microsoft's Shane Kim told us that the launch of the 360's motion-controlled camera system - Project Natal - would be as big as a console launch. Maybe he was onto something with that.

Because 1UP are reporting a rumour that while Natal will be released next year for existing 360 consoles, it will also be released next year as a standard inclusion with a new Xbox console, due out in the Fall.

This console won't be as "new" as we're accustomed to with console generations; rather, 1UP say it'll be a slight improvement over the existing Xbox 360 technology, with games able to run with slightly faster framerates, or with slightly better graphics than those on the "older" 360 consoles.

Sounds crazy, but as 1UP point out, it's not that different to what Nintendo did the Wii; repackage existing hardware and re-release it in a new casing with a new control method.

I don't know how I like the idea of two 360 consoles, especially two with varying hardware configurations; what's to stop developers from optimising for the more powerful unit and leaving owners of the older 360 with a sloppy, sub-standard product?

Hopefully that's not a problem, and if true, the "new" console is just a rebranded, repackaged 360. First impressions, fresh start and all that.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will let you know if/when they get back to us.

Rumor: Xbox Natal is Actually Microsoft's Next Console [1UP]


    It's probably just another Elite. But instead they will release it like they are releasing a new product. On a larger scale.

    And then maybe those rumours about getting rid of the Elite will come true.

    I don't think Microsoft are gonna screw things up, since they are doing very well at the moment, by releasing a NEW Xbox 360 that doesnt just have extra HDD Capacity.

    If so - so many people will refuse to buy and if they did, it would have to be more for hardcore audience. I don't see 'casual gamers' or parents buying a 360 for their kids, going out and buying another one. People like that, don't understand things like its more powerful etc... they don't come to these sites and read gaming news to think, "Oh my kids would like this - it has a faster framerate and comes with a Natal."

    if it makes it more reliable than the current models out there I'm all for it as I want one but I can't get over the crappy build quality of the 360 :'(

    Haha, this is great in my opinion. I'm hoping said new console will crash the price of the already fairly cheap old one, where I'd buy up one with a whole lot of pre owned games. Cheap thrills ;)

    I call BS

    MS just started making profits on each unit sold last year. THey're not going to release another one for another few years. This will be like the 360 elite. Same ol' 360 with something extra as part of teh package. Not a new console, just a new 360 option.

    Releasing a new Xbox would likely hurt whatever position they are holding on right now. Many times have Microsoft advertised their console on Value, releasing a new model would just increase the price too close to the PS3, making redundant 3 yrs worth of marketing. Most likely just a crappy package with a new dvd drive to prevent flashing for back-up discs..

    It would be suicide for a developer to only write games for the 'new' xbox..

    But 'if' they have fixed the rrod this time it might be a good thing to have updated hardware..

    Ib betting it'll just be a new SKU, a 360 console, 120gb hdd and natal or something similar..


    All I want it to be is an XBox 360 2.0, new form factor (maybe thinner, same stylings) same hardware, just better as far as temperatures go, and maybe a bigger harddrive.

    It's a great system as it is, if you can get something as stunning as Gears of War 2 to run silky smooth on it, there's no way you need an entire new console (Plus I desperately want Gears 3 on the 360 so I don't miss out :P).

      It will probably be for Microsoft, like the DSi is for Nintendo.

      Proabaly the same design, MAYBE slimmer, but the 360 doesn't need to be slimmer IMO. If they make it slimmer they need to use different mechanics & chips etc... and compared to the PS3 it's much lighter and slimmer anyway.

      Probably a better disc tray, a high HDD capacity. They'll probably make 120GB Standard, get rid of 60GB, only have the arcade without the HDD (but in-built memory like 1GB or something). HDMI on all, like it is now, better cooling and fix the RROD plus something like Wi-Fi & internet browser or something.

      They might even fix the BLOCK you need to hide somewhere to power the system.

    Ok I'd like to see them implement a SSD. They should be cheap enuf by now with a decent capacity to include in console production for next year.

    I thought MS just announced at E3 that they were not going to release another console until 2015.

    Wow that makes so much sense!

    Kudo kept saying how 'this will work with every xbox we've ever made, and will release in the future'

    It was staring us in the face all along.

    MS will have to be clever about this. Have to keep 360 in the name surely. Simple marketing, can't alienate that large existing audience.

    Expect "360 lite", "360 fresh", "360 free" or some crap.

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