Next Hitman Game Due "Late 2010", Movie Sequel Will Tie In

The sequel to the Hitman movie, which is still in its early stages, won't be just a sequel to a pretty crummy movie. It'll also be a marketing tie-in for the next Hitman game, which is due out next year.

Variety reports that the movie, which we told you about yesterday, would "contain story elements from Hitman 5", a game due to be released "in late 2010".

While we knew the game was in development, but 2010? Handy. Been hanging out for some new Hitman.

Fox sets sights on 'Hitman 2' [Variety]


    So long as the movie is riding on the coat-tails of the game, and hasn't actually had one iota of influence on the game, I'm okay with this.

    Okay as far as i know, the movie didn't actually relate to the plot of any of the games. So firstly, this is a bad, bad choice, IF correct.

    Secondly... freaking 2010. LATE 2010! So more than likely holiday seasons considering its HITMAN and its like a Splinter Cell - popular and stealth and a sure hit.

    THIRDLY. Why the wide gap between games. Every other game was 2 years apart i think, maybe 3. But this is over 3 years!!!! Better be goood, but i have my doubts it will be crap! I mean, its HITMAN!

    More Kurylenko.

    "The sequel to the Hitman movie, which is still in its early stages, won’t be just a sequel to a pretty crummy movie."

    The movie wasnt that bad... it was a pretty good video game adaptation so I wish people would give it a break.

    As for a game I'm totally hanging out for another one... one of my favourite franchises for sure.

    the hitman movie was utterly terrible. did not do the game justice. but no movie adaptation ever has.

    The Hitman movie was good just to be fair maybe because it strayed from the original concept of his earlier years in the game it was based on, but to say it was terrible that's just not true! Maybe the critics out there seemed to forget that fact and only agree their opinion is worth listening too. I saw the movie and believe me I've seen plenty of suck types that got good reviews that didn't deserve it. Yes I do want to see a sequel and am concerned it will be toned downed in violence to appease those certain critics out there that only want their opinion heard. Before you judge a movie at least wait until it comes out and is not made by Uwe Bowl or whatever his name is that tends to really mess up game game adaptations. Give it a chance people after all if you keep being negative they'll just decide not to make another movie which would only disappoint those of us that really do want to see another movie of this type instead of that Disney crap those critics certainly seem to only want!

    I actually loved Hitman the movie and I am a huge fan of the games! I would love to see the sequel to this movie and hope that people stop being so negative about a great film! This is of course a free world and every one is entitled to their own opinion and with that said I hope that the next Hitman movie is as great as the first...

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