Nikkei: Sony To Build Gaming Phone

According to Japan's Nikkei business daily, Sony will next month begin the process of designing a "cellphone-game gear hybrid" which it's hoped will give Apple's iPhone a run for its money.

Apparently a "project team" will be set up next month to build an all-new device that combines the functionality of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone with a handheld gaming device.

In other words, a PlayStation Phone, in spirit if not in name.

Not the first time we've seen one of the these rumours, we know, but the specifics and the source make it by far the most plausible of the lot.

Sony eyes cellphone/game gear hybrid - Nikkei [Reuters]


    I made a comment about how they should make something like this a while ago... Back here:

    Its already been announced hasn't it like back in February.

    Just looks to me like sony wanting to have a piece of the market. They always do it, and most of the time they release poor quality devices.

      Which devices are you thinking of? You sure you're not thinking about Microsoft?

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