Ninja Gaiden II Stretches Definition Of "Only On"


    Come on, film distributors have been saying "only at the movies" for ages now :)

    Well the playstation version will work ONLY ON the PS3 :) (lame i know.)

    Its NG sigma, with extra content and optimized difficulty. Which is..... only on playstation. So they're half right.

    Ummm, the PS3 game is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, not Ninja Gaiden 2. The former has additional content etc so they are not TECHNICALLY the same game.

      If additional content makes a different game, then wouldn't L4D GoTY edition be a different game to L4D because of the inclusion of the survival pack?

    Ive still got my GC version of Resident Evil 4 which says 'only on gamecube' on the box. Er, and PS2, and PC, and Wii

    I think they are using it for the Sigma elements. but it is still a stretch

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is only on PS3...Ninja Gaiden II is on that other console.

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