Nintendo Expected Rival Motion Control Last Year

This year, both Microsoft and Sony announced motion technology platforms. This comes years after Nintendo first launched its own motion controlled console, the Wii. So what does Nintendo think?

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, "To tell the truth, I expected them to come up with stuff like this last year. So in my mind they're later than expected." But that doesn't mean he's against his competitors entering this new realm — instead Iwata says he's happy that it's now an industry standard. "I'd like to say to them, 'Welcome to the motion-control world!'"

Nintendo, the exec contents, "will not be standing still" and is "actually looking forward to engaging in that sort of competition." Nintendo is always working on something new, Iwata adds. So perhaps this will push the company's creativity even further?

"However, we still have no idea about when their products will be available, or how much they will cost, or what sort of software they will be used with," he adds. "So, I am not in a position to judge whether they are a threat or not." Good point: We don't know when these motion controllers will be out, and we don't know what games they'll work with — probably because this hasn't been announced. But, will Sony's and Microsoft's motion controllers cost less than three Wii-motes four nunchakus?

How Nintendo's boss rewrote the rules of the game [Times Online via Endsights]


    Hopefully it will open up the posibility for cross-platform motion controlled games, which would probably be of a higher quality than Wii's 3rd party rubish.

    Wiimote + nunchuck $99, PS3 Dual Shock 3 $99.....need any more be said?

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