Nintendo Explain How MotionPlus Thing Go Into Remote Thing

You know how Wii MotionPlus go in Wii Remote? Nintendo know. Nintendo show you. It show you with video. Video show how MotionPlus go in Wii Remote! You watch. Then you know. Then you have Wii MotionPlus in Wii Remote!!

Destructoid have video. Video show how it go in. Watch! Or else rubber jacket get caught! Danger! Don't hurt jacket. Also, cord could get stuck! Don't let cord get stuck. Video show how you not get cord stuck.

And lock! Don't forget to lock! Video show you how to lock. Video also show how remove Wii MotionPlus from Wii Remote. It like putting in MotionPlus but backward. Very clear! Very helpful! It also show how Nunchuk go in Wii MotionPlus. Hmmm. Might be too much knowing. Brain tired.

Destructoid say video come from EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. If you watch on disc, no way to stop watching. So watch here instead. Good video.

Wii MotionPlus instructional video assumes you're a moron [Dtoid]


    Does anyone actually use those Wii Remote jackets? I find them ugly and cumbersome. Plus the Wii Remote doesn't fit in the Guitar Hero instruments with the jacket on.

    *sigh* I thought they were dumping the jacket design, I actually still plan to cut off the jacket and just plug in the actual motion plus part.

    The other issue with the jacket is that it will not fit in 3rd party (or other?) charging docks? I never bother!

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