Nintendo Selling Black Wii In Japan This Summer

Back when the Nintendo Wii launched in 2006, the company showed possible console colors: White, red, silver, lime green and black. White was the launch colour, and that's all customers have had. Until now.

Today, Nintendo announced that it will be launching a black-coloured Wii in Japan on August 1 for ¥25,000 ($A324). Besides the console, Nintendo will be selling black DS peripherals as well. They are priced as follows:

• Black Wii Remote ¥3,800 ($A49) • Black Nunchaku ¥1,800 ($A23) • Black Classic Controller Pro ¥2,000 ($A26)

The white coloured Wii went on sale on December 2 in Japan when the platform initially launched.


    Sales of the Wii are going to skyrocket in inner Melbourne suburbs now ... we would have bought one earlier, but now it matches our jeans. And our tshirts ... and our lens-less glasses ...

    I don't know, but are these price higher because of it's colour?

    Why is everything released in Japan first. Do they think it won't be successful or something elsewhere. It's a freaking colour not a new console???

    Doesn't cost anymore to manufacture. IDIOTS

      They do it because Japan is where Nintendo headquarters is. Not so much a financial thing, but a traditional thing.

        but nintendo arnt the only ones who do that, alot of things ONLY get released in japan and never make it anywhere else.

    Its released in japan coz is manufactured there you idiots

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