No LAN Play For Starcraft II

No LAN Play For Starcraft II

One of the reasons Starcraft is still such a big hit at LAN parties is that, like most “older” PC titles, it supports multiplayer over a local network. Starcraft II will do no such thing.

Blizzard’s Rob Pardo has said “we don’t have any plans to support LAN… we will not support it”. Which for anyone that still lugs their PC around for LAN parties means no, Starcraft II won’t be on your LAN party menu. If you want to play against other humans, it’ll have to be done via Blizzard’s online gaming portal

Which will no doubt be crushing to LAN party fiends… if, that is, they still exist.

StarCraft II Developers Talk [IncGamers]


  • So 8 of us get together at a mates place for some SC2 DoTA and we all need to connect to the internet to play.

    Well thats a great way of getting around the piracy issue while shitting on your customers. I’d rather put up with that crazy protection who’s name I can’t remember (that no one likes). Starsomething? Securom? A large man holding a baseball bat?
    The thing EA toyed with and made everyone very annoyed… someone help me out here.

    • Your talking about starforce. More specifically starforce 3. The biggest irony here is that the only people who will be effected are FULLY legitimate users as pirated users will bypass to begin with making this a moot point.

      Even VALVE offer dedicated servers for lan play and offline modes so that you can indeed play their games on lan.

      Somehow i dont think Blizzard is to blame for this, Activision is.

      This kind of DRM says that Blizzard and Activision have no faith in their product, afterall if they were sure the product would sell they would have no need for this kind of action.

      On a final note, the reason that they are worried about piracy is likely that they are selling 3 different games on single player campaign alone (you can play online with one, why buy 3 when you can pirate the other two and not worry about MP).

      Activision need to seriously rethink their maneuver here and what it says about their confidence in Statrcraft 2 as a product.

  • Wow… wtf. I would have assumed LAN support would have been the first thing they would have added. That really is a stupid decision. O_o

    If there’s a will, there’s a way. I bet that at least one third-party group will find a way to make a LAN patch for it. XD

  • What about tournament play? Every time there’s a gaming competition/display they’d have to get everyone set up online? What a pain.

  • What? So we can’t play SC2 at the office?

    WTF are Blizzard thinking?

    And all of those professional gaming leagues all use LAN play. Why the hell are they not supporting it? This is a big mistake if they want them game to be a serious e-sport.

  • This is a terrible decision. Imagine the finals of a Korean bout, fans going rabid and then … internet connection drops out, Press “F1” to vote kick the other player …

    Yea, I just can’t see it. Have they really thought this through? The game was so popular because you could play multiplayer with one copy and its MP spawns.

    Just because we’re in the age of the internet doesn’t mean everything should require it to play. I really hope they don’t make the same move with D3 but I can’t see why they wouldn’t?

    I suppose one advantage of always requiring Bnet to play is the stats are always kept etc and viewable to anyone.

    I really hope they change their mind about this, it would be unfair to require a 3rd party mod to play LAN.

  • Oh no! If im not mistaken, they were gonna make Bnet cost $$$. So if you want to play multiplayer at all you have to pay?

    Just because blizzard has masses of people who’d still buy this doesn’t mean they arn’t backstabbing “bar-stools”

  • That is ridiculous, Surely blizzard are not that stupid as to ignore their own fanbase. Oh wait diablo 3… yeah um the koreans are gonnna love you guys.

  • This is clearly a money grab to force those who use Online virtual Lan program like Hamachi to buy this game.

    Blizzard you f***ed us for too long, I will not buy this game nor will I ever recommend it to others.

  • I severely hope they don’t charge for Bnet2.0…

    LAN SC2/D3 with mates was something I was completely keen on, but we could easily do the same online without moving.

    But if they lay a sub ontop of that, it pulls it right out of the picture for me. Unless they include a Bnet life-sub with SC2 and D3 for the same price.

  • An announcement that defeats the purpose of the Starcraft saga.
    It’s like designing a big ass van without passenger seats.

  • I actually own the original, and I still use Hamachi to play with friends so we can use the LAN option and not need to screw around with I assume in their eyes, I may as well have stolen it.

  • The best thing about the original starcraft was the ability to play it with friends AT A LAN. No internet fees, no ping issues, just good fun for a few hours.

    Now, you take that formula and remove the LAN part, what do you get? You get net fees, bad servers and massive frustration as you wait for players to connect to games, who then proceed to drop when the net flips out.

    Blizzard already have WOW, they make enough from that, and now they want to take a seriously good game, and remove the most important aspects of it for moneymaking purposes… W.T.H? At the very least, they shouldn’t charge for access, but to keep the LAN option would be even better.

  • Meh. It’s Blizzard. They know what they’re doing. I haven’t the foggiest what that could be, but I’m sure they do.

    With today’s internet connections is this really a problem, anyway?

    • It’s certainly an issue for me, my internet can only support 1 person playing WC3 on it when nobody else in the house is using it. If I tried to play with 3 mates in the same room the net would fail entirely.

      Guess I’ll just have to stick to SC1 for my LAN parties and not bother with SC2.

  • that is the sucks!

    its not like SC2 wont sell.. even ppl who do pirate still own a copy of SC1..

    but i guess so long as u can set up your own servers like in the past this should be fine

    still GRRRR!

    • i suspect it has more to do with forcing everyone into battlenet so that they can either later on force subscriptions or bombard you with advertisements.

  • Wow.. idiocy.
    Yeah, Plunkett and Pardo, they do still exist. More importantly, playing against a family member or friends in your room still exists.
    I hope he’s being smug and cagey and has some other word for it, because this is garbage.

  • This has got to be a fucking joke. This can’t be real. That’s like making Counter-Strike without multiplayer. Oh wait they did that. It wasn’t popular.

    So Starcraft 2 will be strictly not for tournaments. Starcraft 2 will not be for gaming parties. Wow. HAS NOOONE TOLD BLIZZARD HOW POPULAR STARCRAFT WAS ON LAN?!?!?!?!?!

    I’ll pay you fifty bucks to let me watch while you tell Korea…

    This had got to be some sort of lie, misunderstanding, joke, or all three. There’s no fucking way Blizzard would be this stupid.

    I don’t know what happened to Blizzard. They used to be so good with their patches, support, large amounts of content, and balance. Then they made World of Warcraft, threw it all out the window and became the same money grabbing, penny pinching ‘our way or the highway’ cheapskates EA and Microsoft have been for years.

    First Valve go bad, now this. There’s not a single developer I still like. This is a sad day for this attempted future game developer.

    Go to hell Blizzard.

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