No More Heroes On Bringing Back The Japanese Market

The Japanese game market, once vibrant and bustling, has been sluggish of late. It has seen better days! Goichi Suda from No More Heroes thinks he knows what will jump start it:

The "middle audience".

Here, let's let Suda explain. "Well, there are a lot of core gamers, and a lot of lighter users playing on platforms such as the DS - but there's nothing in-between," he said. "I think it's going to be very important for games to be created for that middle audience, and that will help bring the market back on-track. "

This sounds like he's talking about the hard casual players. So, yeah, it could happen.

"Middle audience" to spur Japanese market revival [Games Industry]


    Eh, sounds like the kind of game that Brawl or Mario Kart would fit into. You know, inherently party-like games that anyone can get into but which has a significant competitive scene.

    I think that's the best kind of game for jump-starting a faltering game industry. Something that is easy to get into, but with a certain level of difficulty that would engage a higher level audience.

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