No Online Play For New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. won't feature online cooperative play, Shigeru Miyamoto told a room full of writers during his developer's round table yesterday.

New Super Mario Bros. allows up to four players to run through side-scrolling worlds reminiscent of the classic Super Mario Bros. games with up to four people. Players take on the role of Mario, Luigi and two Toads.

The game won't support online play because the title uses up all of the Wii's processing power, Miyamoto said.

He added that hitting the processing limits of a console is something that developers strive to do, and that processing limitations is an issue that developers have been dealing with since the 8-bit age.


    i would love to know how a 2d game is able to use up ALL of the processing power... especially after seeing what the Conduit is able to do

      It is a finite amount of processing power, you can use it up however you want. 3D, 2D, 1D, any way you like. You could make a game that uses 100% of processing power without drawing anything on the screen if you wanted.

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