Now You Can Buy Expensive World Of Warcraft Pet Statues Too

A custom made statue of your World of Warcraft character is certainly a fine thing to have, but what is your character without their loveable animal companions? Perhaps FingerPrints' FingerPets can help.

The company that brought us original 3D printed representations of players' World of Warcraft is branching off into the pet business, offering three popular, limited edition World of Warcraft in-game vanity pet statues for purchase now through July 31st. The first wave of FigurePets consists of Speedy the Turtle, Stinker the Skunk, and the ever-popular Rocket Bot, each a tiny statue set in a pose that will never be reproduced again. Each detailed companion runs for $US29.95, or you can pick up the entire set for $US74.85 if you're the kind of player who would have collected Precious Moments figurines had you never got addicted to World of Warcraft.

As a rational human being, I fail to see the value, but I can also see how some would be easily wooed by the terms "limited-edition" and "collectible" in this instance. Then again, if they release the original Collector's Edition panda pet, I am buying five.

Series 1 - Only available through July 31 [FigurePrints]


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