Obama Maybe Not So Gamer Friendly After All

In a speech to the American Medical Association, President Obama listed video games as health concern — a challenge to Entertainment Software Administration president Mike Gallagher's statement that the Obama administration was game-friendly.

The Wall Street Journal has the full text of the speech, but there's really only one part that even mentions video games:

The second step that we can all agree on is to invest more in preventive care so that we can avoid illness and disease in the first place. That starts with each of us taking more responsibility for our health and the health of our children. It means quitting smoking, going in for that mammogram or colon cancer screening. It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside.

It's far from an alarmist cry about the evils of Grand Theft Auto or sex scenes in Mass Effect, but the statement does sort of contradict Gallagher's assertion made at an E3 luncheon that video games "represent zero issues" for the White House. Gallagher says the ESA is doing a good job of entertaining American families, but maybe that's the president's problem: they just do too good a job.

And maybe that's why the president owns a Wii, not an Xbox 360. You move around a lot during Wii Sports bowling, right?

Obama Names Video Games as Health Concern in Speech to A.M.A. [GamePolitics]


    I think your taking this statement a bit out of context. It's no great secret that sitting on your couch every spare minute you have isnt going to do wonders for your health, be it gaming or otherwise. But among children I have no doubt that gaming is the key cause of "couch potatoness" these days, hell it was the same back when I was a kid spending as much time as I could on the 8 and 16 bit consoles. It's no different to winding back the clock 25 years and saying "turn of the TV".

    As a parent you have a responsibility to ensure your children grow up healthy, kids dont always if ever know whats best for them and sometime do need Mum or Dad to turn the console off and chuck em out the door to get some fresh air, make them ride a bike or something.

    The problem Korwin, is that games do not make people fat.

    Game habits in countries like Japan, and countries with colder less 'outdoor friendly' environments in Europe are the same and in the case of Japan even more widespread than they are in the US.

    And yet the US (with Australia catching up) still has this obesity problem. It's not gaming, or TV, or DVD's or any of the things people do while sitting on a couch. It's a culture of gluttony and quick and ease poor quality diets that are crippling wealthy countries health systems. Blaming TV's and anything that uses a TV is plain old scapegoating.

    you'll never take me away from precious *hisses*

    It's not good to raise your kids with TV or video games. Obama's onto something there.

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