Old Republic Gets New Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic might be all talk; but talking never looked as badass as it does in this new trailer of the BioWare MMO.

Besides a massive lightsaber throw down, the vid also features girl-Boba Fett and Darth Vader prototype suit. Prototype-Vader marches up to the Jedi Temple which looks completely the same as the CGI set piece from the prequels and gets into it with a modestly-hot Jedi who we can tell is a good guy based on his green lightsaber. See how many other things you can spot in the vid that look like stuff from the movies:

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    ZOMG This game looks freaking sweet!

    Uber jedi-sith battle rocks!

    i have to admit i'm like kinda psyched for this,

    BUT being a mac i'll probs never get to play it.

    Did anyone notice the mjolnir armour on the good jedi?

    Did anyone else think that this trailer was better than all three prequels put together? That's not saying much, obviously, but man, they should've just gotten Bioware to make a movie for them instead of letting Lucas get his hands on it.

    Epic. Horrible voice over, though.

    Why do people hate the new movies so much?


    I admit phantom menace was a let down, but by the time Anakin was on fire and limbless at the end of the 3rd I was well happy!

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