OzHadou Challenges You To A Fight!

Fancy yourself as a Street Fighter champion? Or perhaps you'd just like to watch the experts and learn? OzHadou's upcoming tournament has you covered.

The OzHadou Nationals are Australia's largest fighting game tournament, held annually in Sydney. It's on July 18-19 down at the Glasshouse Bar at UTS.

Games include Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, King of Fighters 98 and of course Street Fighter IV.

Scoot on over to the OzHadou site to register and learn more.

OzHadou Nationals [OzHadou]


    Sounds awesome, I shall be there!

    Can you go and we'll have a rematch and then I can regain some honour?

      Do you really want to go that humiliation all over again?

        BUT I WILL TOTES BEAT YOU! I beat you heeeeaps of times over Live, even when you were spamming Blanka's electricity attack!

    Gee, I hope my computer doesn't break down over the 18-19 July. Our Internal support guy isn't going to be at work :P

    A lot of games covered and welcome to beginners and seasoned pros alike!

    There's aftermath karaoke too if anyone is down with that haha.

    Everyone's always talking themselves up in SF... time to put up or shut up! OHN will be awesome especially the SFIV side of things.

    So many top players under one roof its going to be impossible not to see some epic and memorable matches.

    Good luck to all who go, hopefully next year its in Melbourne. =P

    Gonna have to make an extra special flowchart for this one 0_0

    Can't wait for it!!! This is coming this weekend!!!!

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