Pac-Man As Indicator Of Our National Debt

Good news for the economy came today when U.S. Senator George V. Voinovich of Ohio used the iconic Pac-Man to illustrate the United States' nation debt, which currently stands at more than $US11.38 trillion. Where's the good news?

It's not in the ever-increasing "Federal Debt as percentage of GDP" ratio. Because that looks bad. The good part is that, if I remember my Pac-Man animation cycle, we're just a few years away from a completed chomp. Then the Pac-Man (or is that Super Pac-Man) cycle can begin anew. Spend wildly, America!

If you'd like to see Sen. Voinovich go on and on and on and on about this in front of a Pac-Man pie chart illustration, you can do so at his official web site.

United States Sentor George Voinovich


    .....Not to mention the subservient relationship you (ie. USA) have put yurselves vis-a-vis China by "borrowing" $ zillions which you will have to pay one way or another (i.e repay monetarily or more likely by allowing China to dictate your political/strategic/economic directions. In fact, China just about owns the contents of Fort Know plus your GDP for the foreseeable future! So, my dear Mr. Obama Sir and American friends, start learning Mandarin! (Our Australian Prime Minister - Kevin Rudd - is already fluent in Mandarin; hence, every bit of underwear, shirts, etc. that we wear here in Australia is Made in CHINA. I've even sent a kangaroo toy to my nephew in England that was made in..... CHINA). How about the labels on your shirts? How many say "Made in USA"?

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