Pac-Man Scarf Costs More Than PSP Go

PSP Go at $US249? Yeah, who's gettin' ripped off NOW? Yesterday's foray into high fashion leads us now to this, Pac-Man, ported over to fabric at a cost of $US298.

Of course, this is a limited edition, hand embroidered number, courtesy of Fummel & Kram. Why, it even comes with a tag that says "If lost, please return to ..." Because people who find lost scarves typically mail them back. And if they knew the price tag, they may be less inclined.

Rumour is Activision is threatening not to support Fummel & Kram unless it cuts the scarf's price by $US100.

Fummel & Kram Pac-Man Scarf [ShopFatal, thanks Nelson N.]


    Loose my scarf? I've lost my breath. How can any scarf be worth US$298 (AU$370). Some people have way too much money!

    lol, Activition are just bitching about some price cut that gets prolonged further and further... Poor poor idoitic sony...

    Oh and out of curiousity, is "bitching", the word itself, allowed? As it is both a verb and a decriptive tense in the dicitonary (bored at work...)

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