Perhaps, Lost Planet 2 Is A Timed Exclusive

Yes, we know that Capcom's action shooter Lost Planet 2 is a multi-platform game. But the title's Japanese site seems to indicate that the Xbox 360 might be getting it first.

The release date for the Xbox 360 version is "This Winter". The release for the PS3 version is, well, not listed. It's TBA. That could mean either that the game will be released after the Xbox 360 version or perhaps even before. Hey, it could even be releasing at the same time, and Capcom's web team is being lazy.

Then again, with the confusion Capcom caused after the announcement that this game is multi-platform and the way the trailer launched on Xbox LIVE, we're banking on it hitting the PS3 later.

Seems Like Lost Planet 2 Is A Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive [Siliconera]


    I read it was a timed 360/PC exclusive somewhere, can't remember where.

    Ill bet they were planning on a 360/PC exclusive but somewhere along the line got pressured to do it on PS3 as well and now they have to get their shit together fast.

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