Peter Molyneux Now Director Of Microsoft European Studios

Peter Molyneux, the designer between the Fable franchise, has been given a promotion: Creative Director of European studios at Microsoft Games Studios.

Previously, Molyneux founded Bullfrog Productions where he created "god games" like Populous. After leaving Bullfrog, Molyneux created Lionhead Studios, which has churned out titles like Black & White and The Movies. That studio was purchased by Microsoft in April 2006.

In his new role, the game designer will oversee the creative direction of fellow UK Microsoft studio Rare, as well as other European external projects. He will continue to be based in the Lionhead offices. And those worried about his involvement in future Lionhead titles, Molyneux tweeted, "thanks for the support everyone. Just to be clear I will still be as involved with the design of lionhead games as ever was."

Molyneux becomes European creative director at MGS [Develop]


    I still don't understand y he is on such a pedistal even today. I've found majority of his recent efforts to be nothing spectacular, there are MUCH more pioneers in the industry right now than him.

    I know people don't like him but I sorta do. Its going to be interesting seeing him give Rare its creative direction from now on. Should make Viva Pinta and the next PD less sterile and dead :)

    This is good news even though Australia isn't in Europe. We need someone like him to head Xbox in Australia.

    I don't think Microsoft realize that things like a Video Marketplace, Netflix etc.. can attract more customers to your product. They need to get their act together and get it done ASAP. Why do you think the PS3 is selling more these days than the 360 here in Aus?

    Not heaps more features but Wi-Fi, Web browser & Blu-Ray does attract a few.

      Well I wouldn't use netflix seeing as I don't have the bandwidth per month to make it viable.

      If the service was offered unmetered, sure, but if they can't broker a deal like that (and with Telstra at the helm, I doubt they will), then it's not viable here.

      The least we need from Microsoft in this country are local servers.

    This guy is such a stooge. Someone outta slap him down a peg

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