Peter Molyneux Wants To Help Rare "Get Well Known"

What is developer Rare best known for? Doing games for Nintendo in the 1990s? Making Banjo Kazooie? Battletoads? Viva Piñata?

Peter Molyneux, creative director of Microsoft Europe, wants to help Rare have more of an identity. Here, let's let him say it in his own words:

"Actually one of the things I really want to do is help Rare have more of an identity," says Molyneux. "I was totally blown away from the amount of talent that there is at Rare, but it's just that they come from a background where Nintendo required them to be this very, very secretive company. I just want to give them the confidence to tell the world what they're doing. I hope you're going to see more from Rare and I want to help them get well known."

We thought Rare was already pretty well known — but well, that's just us. While Molyneux is hatching plans for Rare, the company is currently hard at work on numerous Natal Projects. Hey, that's it! Call it Rare's Natal Project. That should do it.

Molyneux: "I want to help Rare have more of an identity" [GI via Eurogamer]


    Rare is no longer relevent... just like Molyneux himself really, they're a good pair.

    This can only mean bad things for Rare fans worldwide.

    Molyneux may be well-known but his games are overhyped stinkers.

    No mention of Goldeneye in the first paragraph? WOW!


    Lolwut, Rare is very well known.

      Rare is only really well known to those of us who were gaming a decade ago.
      After Microsoft got their hands on Rare they haven't really released anything that would make the uninitiated become fans.

      Also: Blast Corps ftw!


    If you don't know who Rare is then you have a very poor knowledge of games. Fuck I hate Molyneux...FFS Rare have been making games for over 20 years..

    WOW Molyneux is a fruitloop, he over hypes his games, fable to was a let down, his Natal demo was scripted and he talks to much. i truly think this man is a douche bag. rare is far more well known then his shitty company

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