Peter Moore Challenges Obama To A Fitness-Off

President Obama again referred to video games as a family-life negative in his Father's Day message. But Peter Moore - grabbing for publicity - challenges him to drop the rhetoric and see what they offer.

Moore, the EA Sports honcho, was motivated to pose a 30-day EA Sports Active Challenge by Obama's recent comments to the American Medical Association. And a need to sell more EA Sports Active.

Much of Moore's post reads like a press release, but he's probably right about this: "I'd be willing to bet there are more consoles getting far more use in American homes than there is exercise equipment, so it's up to us to continue to use the platform for good."

As for Obama, he and his speechwriters need to cut it already with the tendentious mentions of video games as something fundamentally slothful. Like anyone in that audience hasn't heard it before. In fact, that's three mentions in the past 10 days. If he, a law professor and lecturer, can't make the point that things like family togetherness, parental involvement, and physical fitness are positives on their merits alone, then how is shaming and cliché going to do much better?

EA's Peter Moore Challenges Obama [GamePolitics]


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