PlayStation Firmware 2.80 Incoming, Don't Get Excited

There's new PlayStation 3 firmware coming down the internets. While the opportunity to restart your PS3 is often reward enough, firmware 2.80 brings with it this: "The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved." Sweet! []


    What a joke.
    Another lack-luster update from Sony.
    Why not include a better looking video file playback interface (like the media player on XBox 360)? Or something worthwhile


    Uhhh, usually firmware updates fix things or add features. The PS3 doesn't need any more features and nothing is broken.

    Why should their firmware updates be something outrageous?

    @Kav Agreed. It's a firmware update.

    New features are better off as separate downloads so you can choose to have it or not. Like the recent addition of vidzone (great app with a confusing interface). I can't wait for PlayTV.

    Keep the features and apps coming, just not as part of the firmware.

    As for the firmware I'd like to see them add more codec support and a better way to browse through music and video. XMB isn't very good for really long lists.

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