PlayStation Home Has Finally Lost The Plot

But in a good way. See, my biggest criticism of PlayStation Home is that it's sterile. Boring. But this Saturday night, that sterility will be temporarily relieved. By this... dance-off... thing.

Apparently it's a dance-off between humans and hamsters. Presumably with lots of grinding. And with a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man somehow involved. It's all a little hard to come to terms with, but at 8PM PST this Saturday night, if you find yourself spending the night in, you may as well check it out, let me know if you see a breakdancing Marshmallow Man.

Sony: Home needs more stuff like this. You've spent years of manpower and millions of dollars building the thing, you may as well have a little fun with it.

Hamster vs Human Dance-Off for Control of PlayStation Home [PlayStation]


    Thought this would give me an excuse to finally check out Home properly..

    Then I realised that us Aussies dont get this... thanks for letting us know what we are missing out on..

      Honestly doesn't look like much you're missing out on.

      If this is their best excuse for an 'event', it's sad.

    ^ its a chat and networking program what are you expecting.

      Something functional, if that's it's purpose.

      AIM/MSN/etc are much more workable chat systems

      Facebook/etc is a much more functional networking system.

      Home is just an overly expensive exercise in pointlessness.

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