PlayStation Network: By The Numbers

Yup. Time for another instalment of PSN: By The Numbers, your semi-regular update of all things to do with the PlayStation Network. Time to get ready. Get ready for numbers.

1. As of this week, there are now 25 million registered users on the PlayStation Network. Now, that doesn't mean there are 25 million individual users - I've got three accounts, for example - so if you trim that number down to around 12-15 million, you're probably getting closer to a more useful number.

2. Over 500 million things have been downloaded since the PSN launched. That includes everything, from games to add-ons to wallpaper.

3. The PlayStation Store currently has 200 games, 1,900 movies and 9,000 TV shows (and other forms of "original programming). 9,000? That number got real high, real quick.

And there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed reading numbers as much as we enjoyed writing about them.


    It's great that the US has access to over 1900 movies and 9000 TV Shows...

    we'll have to to make do with the 200 games... and to a lesser extent, many 1000s of music videos via Vidzone...

    9000 TV Episodes perhaps!

    vidzone can eat my balls, especially searching for a song... why didn't it use the inbuilt ps3 keyboard thing?

      It doesn't? That is lame.

      I don't have a PS3 Keyboard (yet) but even so I still like Vidzone.

      But then again, I love anything thats free :-D

    its over 9000!!!!!!

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