Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Come With Pedometer

It's not enough that Pokémon Gold/Silver are getting DS remakes this fall. Oh no, they're getting remakes and a pedometer. (Think a new Pokémon Pikachu.)

Dubbed the Poké Walker, the bundled item sends infrared signals to the DS and can be used to hold one Pocket Monsters as you walk around, building experience and gain "watts" which are type of currency.



    Did anyone else read the headline and think of, like, a pedophile detector? I mean, with a pokemon game for a portable - which is to be played by kids in public places - it might even be appropriate?

      Heh, well, i'm pretty sure it works as a "Pedo" meter. If anyone over 18 has one, then you can be sure they're a pedo



    As long as the pedometer is cool, makes no noise, I wouldn't mind just chucking it in my pocket when I walk to uni.

    This is quite possibly the stupidest addition to a Pokemon game I've ever heard of. And for a series that is known for useless, gimmicky additions, that's saying a lot.

    i reackon it is quiet smart actually, besides dont walk just watch tv and shake with your hands ☻

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