Project Natal And Holodeck Gaming

Kudo "Bam" Tsunoda talks about the possibilities of Project Natal in this video. It is, Tsunoda says, the first step toward true "holodeck" gaming.

Check out our full coverage of Microsoft's Project Natal here.


    Wow it looks promising i suppose.

    I sense a VERY casual approach. I predict a sort of Microsoft App Store on the Marketplace (or Zune place whatever its called now?)

    Instead of the downloading content, themes etc.. on Marketplace on Xbox Live - they will have like a Natal Store. A lot of small casual games will be available. Something like that, some free & most you need to purchase. If Microsoft did that, that would attract a lot of people to buying it and a Xbox 360.

    BUT (bare in mind, a 360 fan), the PS3's controller seems from their E3 demo, a casual approach but a controller that looks to work really well with a hardcore audience with fighting & shooting.

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