PS3 Exclusive Final Fantasy XIV Announced

Looks like the PlayStation 3 is getting a double dose of Final Fantasy next year, as Sony reveals a new online Final Fantasy XIV for the PlayStation 3. Yes, XIV.

A complete and utter surprise to the entire audience, Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to the PlayStation 3 exclusively next year, assumedly after Final Fantasy XIII is released. A brief trailer was shown which looked very much like Final Fantasy XI, with the text "A new online epic begins."

So it sounds like an exclusive, massively multiplayer online game for the PlayStation 3. We'll have more as soon as there is more to have!


    ......Final Fantasy MMO, on the Playstation 3?
    Hopefully you can port accounts over from 11.

    There had been rumours about the Rapture MMO for years, but practically no information let out. I'm extremely glad that now that they finally did properly announce it, there shouldn't been too long of a wait till actual release or at least an open/closed beta! is a decent compendium and forum of the info thus far. a remake of an old rapture forum that was inb4ffxiv, lol.

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