PS3 Gets Streaming Music Videos Tonight

PS3 Gets Streaming Music Videos Tonight

lady-gaga1Starting tonight you’ll be able to stream music videos on your PS3 thanks to Sony’s new VidZone service. And it’s free.

You’ll find VidZone in the Music section of the XMB. A quick download later and you’ll have access to its launch library of “over 10,000” videos.

Artists in that launch lineup include Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Fatboy Slim, Black Eyed Peas, Glasvegas, Dizzee Rascal, Pink, Noisettes, Ne-Yo, Armand van Helden, Tori Amos, Akon, and hopefully some other decent artists Sony neglected to mention in their press release.

VidZone lets you search the library and create playlists, although you’ll see interstitial ads popping up between songs as well as on the library interface (see below). That’s why the service is free.

PS3 owners, let us know if you’re checking out VidZone tonight and if it’s any good.



  • I remember a time when they used to let you download music videos for free… I was a little disappointed to see that disappear, so this is a good thing, even with the ads included…

  • it’s up! u have to download it from aus playstation store, install thru games. Enjoy getting an ‘overloaded’ message but 😛 lol

  • Installed it today. Pretty stoked, can see this getting a workout Fri and Sat nights. Ads are fairly unobtrusive too, but they are all UK ads. Weird.

  • Wow… this is actually really good… and will get more use than silly old Home ever will.

    Only criticisms – the search functions are laggy and pretty useless… AND it doesn’t work with the official BR remote?!? Something they’ll fix in an early patch for sure you’d think.

  • The good news is that the selection of music is very impressive–I can see myself using this service a lot.

    They have some good preset playlists to tune into immediately.

    The video quality is acceptable–I’m on ADSL1, so if they vary the quality on your connection speed then it might be even better for ADSL2. I can’t comment on audio quality as it’s a little late to crank it up.

    But I think it has some teething issues:
    a) You can’t use the PS3 remote at all.
    b) Videos are 4:3–even the widescreen ones which means black board all the way around.
    c) Navigation isn’t intuitive–none of the controls match the normal PS3 media playback functions.
    d) Once you enter the menu you can’t get back to home screen where the preset playlists are presented nicely. At least, I can’t figure out how.

  • thumbs up to Sony, aside from the minor bugs listed by other users… this is a fantastic service and will be the death of Channel V and MTV in my house!

  • I find it odd that Aus gets Vidzone, but NZ misses out. Why is it that we’re treated as a single country for so many things related to gaming and music, but not for this?

  • gee this not good come on sony nz get your act toghter first you upset nz playstation fans with no play tv after teeling the world about it
    know cant even get vidzone this is wrong we like second cousins there was time we lead the world on new ideas know where last inline if at all

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