PS3 Price Cut When "Factors Are Aligned"

Those waiting for a PS3 price cut, keep waiting. Here's what Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House has to say about it:

Not to harp on about it, but the PlayStation 3 has a ten-year life cycle and there are issues of cost and profitability... We will make that move on price when all those factors are aligned.

Issues of cost and profitability? All those factors are aligned? Bwah?

Sony stands firm on 'no PS3 price cut' policy [MCVUK via 1Up]


    The PS3 ain't going to make it to 10 years unless they do something to stop themselves falling behind.

      Plus it's not like they could afford R&D on a new console if it'll cost anything close to what the PS3 did.

      Price drop = More sales = More money.

      Really? Everyone tells me that the first XBox kicked the PS2's ass, yet the PS2 is still selling consoles and games 9 years after release.
      10 years for PS3 sounds like a walk in the park.

      Furthermore, it does not appear to me that Sony is falling behind anymore. I'd say they are catching up if anything, and I predict they will catch up further when natal flops. Microsoft trying to compete with Wii is futile, and will dilute their focus on and appeal to "hardcore" gamers.
      And frankly, I own both a 360 and a PS3, and I got what I paid for on both counts.
      To summarise, I believe Sony's higher pricepoint is at least as sustainable than Microsoft's recent shift to trying to please everyone. The amount of focus going into natal is a huge gamble.

    Indeed Michael. I traded a 360 with 20+ games and a whole bundle of extras at GAME to get a ps3, ended up with around 900 credit which got me the ps3 and some stuff, which was all good.

    After 5 months of owning the ps3, my 5 year old son and I took it back and retraded for a 360.


    It's not worth it as a family console. The 360 has an abundance of family and adult games in equal shares, the ps3 though, the game range is way too limited. Before anyone starts preaching whats coming in the next twelve months, thats fantastic! But what about the here and bloody now? I can't PLAY a game coming in six months, but I can play one that exists right now tangeably.

    The cost of the ps3 is keeping itself out of the hands of working class people at this point when it's compared to the 360 and wii. This is probably the biggest factor when you consider the ps3 is the third runner in the race, has only sold 2/3 the amount the 360 has and only a fraction of the wii's numbers.

    If Sony pull their heads out of their collective arrogant asses, they'd realise that even just a 100 dollar price drop would ease the pressure off majorly.

      Just wondering what are these xbox360 exclusive family games you are talking about?
      as a parent of two young boys i could not be happier with my ps3.

    Considering the PS3 comes with a HDD, wireless and bluray without addons i dont see why the PS3 is considered over priced (unless you use it just as a console, and then its kinda overpriced)

    for me it was a logical decision because i wanted something to play video and audio files, play bluray and play games.

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