Question Time! Your Chance To Interview Tom Crago

Question Time is where YOU get to interview some of the games industry’s leading figures. This week, we put Game Developers’ Association of Australia president Tom Crago in the chair. What would you ask him?

Here’s how Question Time works: you come up with the questions and a games industry luminary will answer them. Every Wednesday we’ll have a new interviewee for you and a new batch of answers.

Today, it’s the turn of Tom Crago. Tom wears two industry hats: one as the president of the Game Developers’ Association of Australia and one as the CEO of Melbourne-based developer Tantalus.

So if you’ve got any question about the games industry in Australia, Tom is the right person to ask.

Post your question for Tom in the comments below. I’ll choose the best ones for Tom to answer next week. You’ve got until the end of the day to get your questions in.

Whoa, this all sounds rather familiar. Unfortunately, in the chaos of E3, this edition of Question Time kinda fell into the cracks. So we’re giving you a second chance. Anyone who asked a question in the original post, you’re already in the running. Everyone else, add your questions below…


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