Question Time! Your Chance To Interview Tom Crago

Question Time is where YOU get to interview some of the games industry's leading figures. This week, we put Game Developers’ Association of Australia president Tom Crago in the chair. What would you ask him?

Here’s how Question Time works: you come up with the questions and a games industry luminary will answer them. Every Wednesday we’ll have a new interviewee for you and a new batch of answers.

Today, it’s the turn of Tom Crago. Tom wears two industry hats: one as the president of the Game Developers’ Association of Australia and one as the CEO of Melbourne-based developer Tantalus.

So if you’ve got any question about the games industry in Australia, Tom is the right person to ask.

Post your question for Tom in the comments below. I’ll choose the best ones for Tom to answer next week. You’ve got until the end of the day to get your questions in.

Whoa, this all sounds rather familiar. Unfortunately, in the chaos of E3, this edition of Question Time kinda fell into the cracks. So we're giving you a second chance. Anyone who asked a question in the original post, you're already in the running. Everyone else, add your questions below...


    Australians buy and play plenty of games, but do you think that until we start producing at the same levels as the U.S, Europe and Japan, the government and Australian culture in general (being primarily rooted in sport/cars/outdoors etc.)will take them as seriously?

    I'd like to know what exactly some of the hurdles are when it comes to licensing agreements in Australia? Certain games are delayed or distributed unevenly in this country (Rock Band etc) and I hear responses like"Couldn't get licensing" or "It's to do with licensing". I understand songs need to be licensed but I think people would enjoy hearing a clear definition as to why it is sometimes difficult? Are there games that are harder to license than others? How does it affect non-music based games?


    Why don't Australian made games advertise on their boxes that they are Australian made? I can understand not doing so in the USA, but here in Australia the packaging should have an Australian Made logo.

    wat are u planing for ps4 ?>
    .when uncharted 2 coming out >.

    when motion controllet coming ?
    what happend 2 the 3D TV u said last yr ???
    heaps other question bt unfortunelly dont hav time nw !

    what is the future of gaming industry in india, will projects be outsourced to india.

    What about the outsourcing for INDIA. How is our Projects Quality? In which way our people can increase their talent.

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