Question Time: Your Chance To Interview Tom Crago

Question Time is the post where you get to ask the questions. This week, we put Game Developers' Association of Australia president Tom Crago in the chair. What would you ask him?

Here's how Question Time works: you come up with the questions and a games industry luminary will answer them. Every Wednesday we'll have a new interviewee for you and a new batch of answers.

Today, it's the turn of Tom Crago. Tom wears two industry hats: one as the president of the Game Developers' Association of Australia and one as the CEO of Melbourne-based developer Tantalus.

So if you've got any question about the games industry in Australia, Tom is the right person to ask.

Post your question for Tom in the comments below. I'll choose the best ones for Tom to answer next week. You've got until the end of the day to get your questions in.


    Is is true that the GDAA was formed in Australia to create a salary cap situation for between key game development studios in both Melbourne and Brisbane?

    Being the case where the talent from one studio would not go to another studio for better pay, rather a change of environment. And all of this to defuse the situation overseas where the best of the best are scouted out by rival development studios and lured in with better pay and entitlements.

    How do you get into the games industry in Australia?

    How do you feel about the stupidity of the "Ratings" system for games?.
    Especially when you consider that we are subjected to a myriad of TV soaps and other shows that blatantly abuse their system (and our brains). Hell, I even watched a midday movie the other day and there where naked boobs flashing all over the place.

    Do you think we will ever see a system introduced that is workable and concrete across all media?

    This question applies to you in both of your roles so you may answer for both if you wish.

    What is our role in the industry? what is our biggest export do you think?

    im currently studying game design at rmit, melb & i was hoping for some advice regarding what steps I can take now to help secure me a job in the future. Currently, my peers and i are all planning to search for jobs overseas as most graduates we speak to complain they're stuck making phone games etc. Whats in store for the aus game market, shouldd we stick around?

    Going to be cheeky and ask 2 questions.... Given that the "Game Developers Association of Australia" only seems to represent the interests of the studio heads, rather than developers themselves, have you considered changing the name to something more representative? "Game Boss Self-Congratulatory Committee" perhaps? I don't have any interest in games, but would like to make money off other peoples hard work - am I qualified enough to become CEO of my own games company?

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