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This review was submitted by Matthew Carroll. If you've played Rag Doll Kung Fu, why don't you let Matthew know whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts.

Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic (PSN)

Ragdoll Kung Fu: FOP is the quasi-sequel to the ingenious indie PC title Ragdoll Kung Fu. While its predecessor was applauded for its limbs dragging control method, one must wonder if the mechanics and charm of the original can translate into a party-oriented console fighter.


Game Modes: Although not necessarily innovative, the game does offer a few differing multiplayer modes, including staples as well as the considerably odd ‘Capture the Fish’, which has players vying to throw fish in a basket to score points. It is quite fun trying out all the modes with three players alongside you, but the combat does begin to bore from the outset.

'Some' Motion Controls: While some controls require Sixaxis interaction, the only one implemented well is that to regenerate health you simply turn your controller upside down, as your character begins to float and meditate. Aside from that, the motion controls are rather cumbersome and don’t add that much to the gameplay.


Shallow Fighting: Generally speaking, combat in this game is the equivalent to a child slamming together action figures in mock play, and while you can customise your character with as many variations of shiny plastic as you so desire, all have the same miscellaneous barrage of punches and kicks, the only specials being a wayward slamming move and a relatively banal lightning ball.

Theme Feels Tacked On: Apart from its namesake, the game shares little in common with its progenitor, because while the Oriental fighters may flail and somersault just like their PC game counterparts, it just doesn’t make much sense without the same control scheme.

While a decent and not reasonably passable fighting game, I’d probably have enjoyed it more with a different setting and varied combat. Maybe slap on some biblical characters, change the ‘Capture the Fish’ mode to include some bread as well, a walk on water minigame, and you’d have a completely original fighter on your hands.

Reviewed by: Matthew Carroll

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    So you wanted it turned into a Biblical fighting game...please tell me you are not being serious...

      I think it was his attempt at sardonic humour. But who knows; he may just be serious.

      unless you have played the original PC version it wont take long to adapt to the controls & there IS more depth to the game than there originally appears especially when you are trying to effectivly manage your 'chi' or playing against harder dificulties (or skilled humans) or trying for a gold on the challenges.
      i agree with you on the motion controls being slightly gimicky, they arn't that bad, i personally dont like the 'slam'. Also it becomes obvious when someone begins 'shaking up a lightning ball'
      not a bad review ;)

    While I enjoyed the review, it's probably safer to stay away from what some people may view as irreverencies to their faith. It would certainly remove some of the emphasis on the point of the review, that is simply, reviewing a game without inciting religious debate unless the game expressly intends this.

    Got this for free a while back. I think it's the best party game on PS3.

    I wouldn't recommend it for single player, but this is one of the best multi-player games I have on my PS3. With 3 mates it's non-stop mayhem and laughs, although the button-bashing nature of the controls can leave you with sore hands.

    Free from U.S PS store if anyone wants to try it out but don't pay money for it

    Hey everyone, many thanks for the feedback. It's my first time writing anything to do with games, so I kinda doubted they'd publish it. And I was a bit apprehensive given my age, but I read Kotaku rather religiously and feel pretty privileged to be featured.

    About the game though, spot on Matfei, and I didn't think that as much as an iota of the Kotaku AU community would take much offense to what I said. To me this game feels like a 15 dollar Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and given that some (granted a small amount of) people complained about the lack of motion control in that game, I'm glad there wasn't any after playing this.

    @ trucheon, I'm pretty sure that free dealio for this game in the US was for a week only.

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